Dr. Saul Suster. Case 2.

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Clinical information

Organ/Órgano/Localiz: Thyroid gland / Tiroides
Institution/Instituc: Medical College of Wisconsin. Milwaukee. Wisconsin, EEUU
Sender / Patólogo: Undefined
ID case plataform: Undefined
Status of case: Undefined
Priority/Prioridad: Undefined
Patient. Age: Undefined
Patient. Sex: Undefined
Comments Localizat: Undefined
A 45 year old man with no significant past history was seen for the development of a palpable right thyroid nodule. An FNA showed “follicular cells consistent with follicular process”. A right thyroid lobectomy was done. The resected specimen showed a tan-brown, well-circumscribed nodule that measured 5.0 cm. in greatest diameter and was surrounded by a thin rim of normal thyroid parenchyma.


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