Dra. Esther Oliva. Caso 3

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Clinical information

Organ/Órgano/Localiz: Peritoneum / Peritoneo
Institution/Instituc: Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA. EEUU
Sender / Patólogo: Undefined
ID case plataform: Undefined
Status of case: Undefined
Priority/Prioridad: Undefined
Patient. Age: Undefined
Patient. Sex: Undefined
Comments Localizat: Undefined

45 year old woman with prior history of squamous cell carcinoma in situ of the vulva,  presented with progressive ascites. Physical examination revealed a distended abdomen with diffuse non-specific changes on PET scan and moderately elevated CA-125.

At laparoscopy, she was found to have 1.8 liters of ascites and an erythematous and focally granular peritoneum. Several biopsies were taken.


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Staining / Tinción: H-E
Assigned Pathologist: Undefined
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